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 S Dot Admin/Mod Application

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s dot

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PostSubject: S Dot Admin/Mod Application   Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:59 am

In game User Name -
-S dot

Have i ever been a staff on a server before -
-No (but i know i could make a good one

Why Do i Deserve Staff -
-i believe i deserve to be a staff because i am very Active (speaking ive been playing for like 5 days and pulled like 5 all nighters in a row), i also am nice caring and giving to all other especially the new comers, whitch is another reason because i feel that i can find ways to get a lot of people to join( youtube, Facebook, Ect.),i also know my way around and i know i will not abuse my powers, also i have great ideas for when/if this server gets big

what do i do if someone spams -
-.- i will let him know that is against the rules, wait for his/her response and give him one more chance but 2nd warning i will give jail time 3rd warning is a worse punishment like 1 hr mute

will you invite player or just lie and say you will for staff -
- i cant be 100% honest and say yes but i will try my hardest to get atleast 100+ players on here by the end of Febuary

how many people have you helped out in game? (get them to post on your topic)
-i have helped out everyone in some type of way.... but i gave 25m and full d set (not good but to what i had to give atm it was the best i could give) to Mod Royce (new comer) (1/27/14) the date he joined

how many people have you invited?(get them to post on your topic)
i have currently invited no players but i am trying to figure out a way to get a friend with 1k+ subs on youtube to post a vid for the server

other info - I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so eastern time zone and i am in 11th grade 16 years of age other than that i think i said all i could but btw since admin is the only spot left that is what im apllying for i guess
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S Dot Admin/Mod Application
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