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 Blakes App!

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PostSubject: Blakes App!   Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:30 pm

What is your ingame username? Blake

Have you ever been staff on a server before? A very long time ago

If answered yes to above what server? Runecreation

Why do you deserve staff? I like the server, I'm good at being staff & I can do a lot of stuff to help. Nick (Odelious) is the one who introduced me.

Have you ever been banned,jailed,muted,etc. on a server before? Banned for a false accusation of using a hacked client if that counts.

If answered yes to above, why?False accusation of using a hacked client

As a staff member would you devote hours of free time to play? Yeah Very Happy

What do you do if someone is spamming?Warn them twice, if they keep doing it temp mute (24 hours) when unmuted if they do it again temp mute (3 days) do it again perm mute

Will you invite players, or just lie and say you will for staff?Yes I will I'll invite people that play at my school

How many people have you helped out ingame? Get them to post on your topic. None

How many people have you invited to ZombieScape??? Get them to post on your topic. None
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Blakes App!
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